Evans School of Public Policy & Governance

The Evans School aims to engrain equity in public policy and public administration, and we cannot embark on this journey alone.

We believe that the knowledge and wisdom of our community – both lived and learned – are resources in the critical work of dismantling systemic racism, fighting discrimination, and rectifying inequity. Deep collaboration is key, and by striving to center the expertise of those impacted by proposed programs and policy ideas, we can translate the momentum of innovation into systems worth of public trust.

By engaging with us – whether by offering your expertise or gaining from the knowledge of others – you are playing an important role in a reciprocal exchange of ideas that can transform public policy and public administration.

All learnings, tools, insights, and innovations co-created with the Evans School are considered open-source, public goods, available to all. By creating space to build a community of reciprocity, we can bring new legitimacy and purpose to our democratic system.