Inspiring Public Service and Democratizing Public Policy

This is a critical time for our nation. The inequitable impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the resulting economic disparities, and the pervasive violence experienced by Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color shed new light on the disfunction of our public institutions and the increasing erosion of trust in our public institutions. The fundamental strengthening of our democratic system will depend on our ability to address racial bias, reinvigorate a shared belief in the sacred work of public service, and rebuild lasting faith in our public institutions.

Driven by our values, we are building a necessary engine of change.

Our Values

The principles that guide our work.

  • Equity. We commit to discovering and daylighting disparities, taking anti-racist action, and dismantling systems of oppression.
  • Courage. We stand for policy and practice leadership informed by evidence and empathy, data and compassion, head and heart.
  • Service. We have a responsibility to think beyond ourselves and act to uplift all.


Where we are going.

We envision inclusively built societies powered by collective wisdom, brave leadership, and rigorous action.


What we do and how we do it.

The Evans School of Public Policy & Governance educates leaders, generates knowledge, and hosts communities to co-create solutions to pressing societal problems.

Commitment to Anti-Racism

As an institution of public policy and governance, we acknowledge that public policy and public management have long perpetuated systemic racism and other forms of oppression. We are responding to this truth as an imperative. Dismantling systemic racism in our institution and our field is integral to our public service mission. We are taking steps to become a leading institution in the fight against racism, discrimination, and inequity. It is time for leadership, dedication, and investment.

Find out more about the Evans School’s commitment to anti-racism.