Evans School student value transparency, authenticity, and action. The more our students know about your work, the more excited they are to work for you. The best way to expand your organization’s footprint is through engaging actively with Evans School students through a myriad of options.

Share your Expertise

Share your insight and advice gained from your professional career in public service with current students via a half-day of on-site or virtual informational interviews. Timeslots for these informational interview pop-ups are available on a weekly basis throughout the academic year (September – May).

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Evans School students are policy wonks who are excited to learn about the ways that various organizations, policymakers, or public administrators are responding to timely issues facing our communities. The Career Development team welcomes policy professionals who would like to engage with Evans School students by presenting a policy talk. This is a good fit for organizations who may not have active job openings, but are interested in building a long-term relationship with the Evans School and want to raise their organizational profile among the student body.

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Employers may be interested in hosting a recruiting session at the Evans School to talk about their internship or full-time recruiting programs. We recommend that an organization use up to half of the time with students to discuss examples of current policy work and/or walk through a case study of a typical question or project that an intern or staff might be faced with in your organization.

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Our students enjoy the opportunity to see organizations in action. Welcome the next generation of public service leaders to your workplace. A job visit might include a tour of your facilities, the opportunity to talk with employees in various departments, and time with your hiring team to learn about your recruiting practices and what you seek in candidates. Provide a glimpse into your field, strengthen connections between your organization and the Evans School, and show students what is special about your job and organization!

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Student Interest Groups

Increase your brand awareness at the Evans School through direct involvement with our student groups. These groups are based on policy areas of interest, as well as identify affinity groups. Potential activities may include: Panels, Networking Nights, Job Site Visits, and more. Reach out to the Career Development team to get connected!

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