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The Evans School of Public Policy and Governance and the Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology (CSDE) welcome Professor Jung-Hwa Ha from the Department of Social Welfare at Seoul…

Alison Cullen, the Daniel J. Evans Endowed Professor of Environmental Policy at the Evans School, along with researchers from University of Washington, NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research), and University…

Evans research scientist Elizabeth Meza and colleague Debra Bragg publish “Scaling up community college baccalaureates in Washington State: Labor market outcomes and equity implications for higher education,” in Educational Policy…

Assistant Professor Isabelle Cohen’s research on tax compliance in Uganda was cited in a recent J-PAL policy insight brief, entitled “Improving Tax Compliance through Reminder Messages for Taxpayers.” Isabelle’s dissertation research in Uganda shows how…

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Local Impacts of a Global Crisis: How Washington State Nonprofits are Responding to COVID-19

Rachel Fyall Receives ARNOVA Award on Philanthropic Impact

Alison Cullen receives $2M NSF grant to study ‘megafires’

Rachel Fyall and Matt Fowle Awarded COVID-19 Research Grants