Evans School of Public Policy & Governance

Policy Analysis and Evaluation Faculty

Stephen Kosack

Associate Professor
(206) 616-5817

Mark C. Long

(206) 543-3787

Elizabeth Richardson Vigdor

Associate Teaching Professor;
Undergraduate Program Director
(206) 221-7561

William Zumeta

Professor Emeritus of Public Policy & Governance and Education
(206) 543-0743

Scott W. Allard

Associate Dean for Research & Engagement;
Daniel J. Evans Endowed Professor of Social Policy
(206) 221-4872

Karin D. Martin

Assistant Professor
(206) 685-8927

Jacob L. Vigdor

Professor of Public Policy & Governance
(206) 616-4436

Marieka M. Klawitter

(206) 616-1673

Mary Kay Gugerty

Karin Martin
Associate Dean for Teaching & Learning;
Nancy Bell Evans Professor in Nonprofit Management
(206) 221-4599

Matt Steuerwalt

Associate Teaching Professor

Crystal C. Hall

Associate Professor;
MPA Program Director
(206) 221-5237

Heather D. Hill

Ph.D. Program Director
(773) 791-8944

Ann Bostrom

Weyerhaeuser Endowed Professor in Environmental Policy
(206) 685-8198

C. Leigh Anderson

leigh anderson Headshot
Marc Lindenberg Professor for Humanitarian Action, International Development, and Global Citizenship
(206) 543-0365

Alison Cullen

Daniel J. Evans Endowed Professor of Environmental Policy
(206) 616-1654

Laura Evans

Associate Professor
(206) 543-4900

Grant Blume

Associate Teaching Professor

David F. Layton

Professor of Public Policy & Governance
(206) 221-3585

Policy Analysis and Evaluation Courses

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