Evans School of Public Policy & Governance

Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy Faculty

Erica Barnhart

Director of the Nancy Bell Evans Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy
Associate Teaching Professor

Sharon Kioko

Associate Professor
(206) 221-6356

Stephen B. Page

Associate Professor
(206) 221-7784

Adrienne Quinn

Associate Teaching Professor

Rachel Fyall

Associate Professor

David Suárez

Associate Professor, Colleen Willoughby Endowed Faculty Fellow in Philanthropy & Civil Society
(206) 221-1058

Mary Kay Gugerty

Mary Kay Gugerty
Nancy Bell Evans Professor in Nonprofit Management
(206) 221-4599

Benjamin M. Brunjes

Assistant Professor
(206) 685-0680

Craig W. Thomas

(206) 221-3669

Ines Jurcevic

Assistant Professor
(206) 685-8803

Scott W. Allard

Daniel J. Evans Endowed Professor of Social Policy
(206) 221-4872

Joaquín Herranz Jr.

Associate Professor
(206) 616-1647

Akhtar Badshah


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