Evans School of Public Policy & Governance

Inspiring Public Service Toward an Equitable Future

Over the past 50 years, the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Policy & Governance has built a reputation as one of the top public policy schools in the nation. The school is defined by our shared purpose: to inspire public service and to democratize public policy.

Our students, graduates, and faculty provide the ideas, expertise, and leadership that guide government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private companies around the country and throughout the world. In partnership with communities, we co-create solutions to the most pressing societal problems.

The University of Washington first offered the Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree in 1947 through the Department of Political Science. In 1958, UW President Charles Odegaard appointed a committee to determine how the University could improve public policy and management education. Following the committee’s recommendations, Odegaard asked Brewster Denny to develop a model for an independent school of public policy and governance. The Evans School was established in 1962 as one of the nation’s first schools of public policy at a public university, and it has quickly risen to being home to the top public policy programs nationwide.

Denny, the great-grandson of one of Seattle’s founding families, a former staff member for U.S. Senator Henry M. “Scoop” Jackson, and a UW alumnus, designed a mission and curriculum, serving as the school’s first director and dean.

In 2020, the Evans School welcomed its seventh dean, Jodi Sandfort, who will take the school’s strong legacy of public service and academic achievement created by their predecessors—Brewster Denny, Jared Hazelton, Hubert G. LockeMargaret T. GordonMarc Lindenberg, and Sandra O. Archibald—into the next era.

Sandra Archibald

Emeritus Dean

Jonathan Brock

Brock John Headshot
Associate Professor Emeritus of Public Policy & Governance

J. Patrick Dobel

John and Marguerite Walker Corbally Professor Emeritus in Public Service;
Adjunct Professor of Political Science

Andrew Gordon

Professor Emeritus of Public Affairs

David Harrison

Senior Lecturer Emeritus of Public Policy & Governance

Charles Hirschman

Boeing International Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Public Policy & Governance

Marcia Meyers

Professor Emeritus of Public Affairs

Robert D. Plotnick

Daniel J. Evans Professor Emeritus of Public Policy & Governance

Richard O. Zerbe Jr.

Professor Emeritus of Public Policy & Governance

William Zumeta

Professor Emeritus of Public Policy & Governance and Education
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Formerly known as the UW Graduate School of Public Affairs, the Evans School was renamed in 1999 to honor Daniel J. Evans, who served as both a U.S. senator and three-term governor of the State of Washington. He ranks as one of the most distinguished leaders in the history of the State of Washington with a lifelong commitment to public service with longstanding ties to the UW and exemplary experience in the fields of governance, education, and the environment. Former First Lady Nancy Bell Evans works tirelessly as a civic volunteer to bring energy, grace, and passion to public and nonprofit service. A leader and innovator, she has been a founder and chair of the Friends of Cancer Lifeline, national chair of the First Ladies’ Mental Health Month, founding trustee of Planned Parenthood of Olympia, and founder of the Governor’s Mansion Foundation.

The Daniel J. Evans School of Public Policy & Governance is proud of the service of its faculty, staff, and supporters, past and present. From its beginnings in the Department of Political Science to the present day, the Evans School has benefited from the intellectual and practical contributions of dedicated individuals whose commitment to the public good has helped cultivate generations of leaders and establish one of the country’s top-ranked schools of public policy and governance. Learn more about the public service leaders who have influenced on our proud history.

The Evans School resides in historic Parrington Hall, which, built in 1902, is the second oldest academic building on campus.  Its iconic silhouette is almost as old as the University of Washington itself and its foundation reminds us of the powerful legacy that both purpose and commitment can leave behind.

In 2020, we reimagined that legacy by renovating the building so that it reflects our commitment to serving the public good and our belief that public systems can be used to make this world more equitable and just. The reimagined Parrington Hall will be an efficient, flexible, and inspiring learning environment for our current and future public service leaders. Learn more.

Evans School Ranks Among Best in the Nation

U.S. News & World Report’s 2022 Best Graduate Schools places the Evans School of Public Policy & Governance among the best schools in the nation and the world. The Evans School ranked fourth among public affairs graduate programs overall, and second among public institutions.

Six of our specializations were also ranked in the top ten: Environmental Policy, Nonprofit Management, Social Policy, Public Finance & Budgeting, Public Policy Analysis, and Public Management and Leadership.

Evans School Dean Jodi Sandford noted: “I am pleased by Evans’ continued top-five ranking because of the ways it positions us to engage deeply with public policy and implementation issues moving forward, sharing our learning with peers throughout the country and the world. We should all take great pride in our School’s work to inspire public service and democratize public policy.”

These rankings are released annually and are based on reputation and respect among peer institutions. These rankings are representative our leadership and expertise in these areas as an institution. View the full rankings.