The academic and staff leadership of the Evans School advance our mission to improve public policy and public leadership. Through their strategic vision and prioritization is critical to moving the school forward, allowing us to serve more students and deliver greater scholarship for the future of public service leadership.

Academic Leadership

Scott W. Allard

Associate Dean for Research & Engagement;
Daniel J. Evans Endowed Professor of Social Policy
PAR 260A
(206) 221-4872

Mary Kay Gugerty

Karin Martin
Associate Dean for Teaching & Learning;
Nancy Bell Evans Professor in Nonprofit Management
PAR 240C
(206) 221-4599

Crystal C. Hall

Associate Professor;
MPA Program Director
PAR 240B
(206) 221-5237

Heather D. Hill

Ph.D. Program Director
PAR 260D
(773) 791-8944

Stephen B. Page

Associate Professor;
Executive MPA Program Director
PAR 240J
(206) 221-7784

Elizabeth Richardson Vigdor

Associate Teaching Professor;
Undergraduate Program Director
PAR 340G
(206) 221-7561

Staff Leadership

Rebecca Ehrlichman Blume

Rebecca Blume
Assistant Dean for Mission Advancement & Engagement
(206) 685-2882

Carrie Evans

Senior Assistant Dean of Student Services & Executive Education
(206) 897-1465

Jennifer McEwen

Assistant Dean of Finance & Administration
(206) 616-1624

Julianne Slate

Assistant to the Dean
(206) 685-8983