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Assistant Professor Karin Martin Honored with UW Distinguished Teaching Award

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The Evans School is proud to recognize its newest member of the Husky 100 Charmila Ajmera, whose passion, leadership, and commitment inspires us to make a difference on campus, in our communities, and for the future.

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For job seekers, it is more important than ever to demonstrate your unique skillset and your potential to add value to the employer’s organization. We have compiled a series of advice to help your application stand out and to make a memorable impression on any hiring manager. 
Rad Cunningham Profile
Rad Cunningham (MPA '10 and MPH ‘10) is a senior epidemiologist with the Washington State Department of Health and has been uniquely equipped to address the coronavirus pandemic.
Kate Dean Alumni Profile
Kate Dean (EMPA ‘15) is a Jefferson County Commissioner and has experienced first-hand the political challenges of addressing the COVID-19 crisis.