From graduate internships to innovative client-based projects through our Student Consulting Lab, we offer a variety of ways that you can benefit from our students’ initiative and drive. Through recruiting and hiring, join a diverse range of employers gaining from the expertise and exceptional talent of our graduates. Evans School students and graduates are available for a variety of employment opportunities, including full-time work, full-time internships, part-time employment, and research or consulting projects.

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See this downloadable resource for everything you need to know about hiring Evans, including recruiting key dates and timelines, hiring guidelines, and next steps for you in the process.


Resume Books is a new pilot program intended to complement your recruiting strategy. Beginning in February 2021, employers with an open, paid position may register to request a Resume Book as a way to quickly receive information from available students or recent graduates while you are waiting for tailored applications in response to your job or internship listing on EvansJobs. See Program Details.


Advertise a job, internship or research opportunity to the Evans School community

Digital Hiring Toolkit

How to Use EvansJobs

Learn how to effectively leverage the online database used by the Evans School community for exclusive job and internship postings

How to Develop an Internship Announcement

Download a template designed to help you craft a compelling internship advertisement

How to Onboard an Evans Intern

Learn how to effectively leverage the online database used by the Evans School community for exclusive job and internship postings

How to Provide Effective Evaluation

Advice to support managers in crafting feedback to enhance the experiential learning and positive impact of interns in your office

Developing Remote Internships

Guidance from the UW Career & Internship Center on best practices for offering internships in a virtual format

How to Develop a Micro-Internship

How to approach a creative and impactful, yet budget friendly, way to keep critical projects moving forward

University of Washington Resources

Employer Education Workshops & Webinars

Join University of Washington Career Development experts from across the university for a series of employer education topics ranging from how to start an internship program to learning more about Generation Z entering the workforce.

Work study hiring

Nonprofit and Public agencies may be interested in stretching budget dollars by hiring students in the federal workstudy program. Learn from the UW Office of Financial Aid how to navigate this process as an off-campus employer.

Hiring International Students

Learn more about the legal process to easily hire from the pool of incredibly talented international students at the Evans School.

Hiring from other UW Departments

We know that sometimes you may need assistance that is outside the expertise of Evans School candidates. See how to recruit from other departments at the University of Washington here.