September 4, 2020

Rachel Fyall and Matt Fowle Awarded COVID-19 Research Grants

Rachel Fyall and Matt Fowle received two grants from the West Coast Poverty Center and the UW Population Health Initiative.

The West Coast Poverty Center Grant involves working with the Tenants Union to understand the experiences of low-income renters during the COVID-19 pandemic, including the impacts on tenants’ housing security over the course of the crisis and their reports about the extent to which landlords comply with eviction moratoria and other policies seeking to reduce the likelihood of eviction.

The Population Health Initiative Project aims to answer: What is the nature and extent of housing-related hardships experienced by low-income renters of color in Washington State during the COVID-19 pandemic? It will explore tenants’ efforts to secure and maintain housing, perceptions of landlord compliance with eviction moratoria and rent freezes, and concerns about entering homelessness. In doing so, the project will uncover the role of racial/ethnic identity and community of residence in shaping the variation in racial housing inequality amidst a pandemic and its subsequent implications for population health equity.

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