December 22, 2023

Evans Research Brief: What Parents Say About Using Washington Paid Leave for Physical Health

Evans Professor Heather D. Hill and MPA Student Diana Rucavado have published a new Evans Research Brief on Paid Family Medical Leave. The Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave Program (WA Paid Leave) provides up to 12 weeks of paid leave for workers who need time to care for their own medical needs, care for a familymember, or bond with a new child. In interviews with parents who used WA Paid Leave for physical health reasons, either their own or a family member’s, we find that the program allowed the parents to take the time needed to address health issues with less stress about work or income. However, for some taking leave was financially challenging or offered insufficient time for recovery or illness management. The findings of the study provide insight on how specific economic circumstances and/or health conditions affected workers’ experiences during leave.

Read the full brief.