Congratulations to General Chiarelli (MPA '80)

This graphic was made from an excerpt of the article entitled "2016 Distinguished Alumni Veteran Gen Peter Chiarellia, MPA '80, U.S. Army" that appears in Columns magazine.

The New Restitution: How Debt, Taxation, and Punishment are Transforming Restorative Aims in Criminal Justice

“Is debt itself a form of punishment?” Karin Martin Ph.D. asked. She paused and let the question hang in the air. “It seems so.”

Dr. Martin gave a well-received talk as a part of the Evans School’s Research Seminar Series highlighting her new research project called “The New Restitution: How Debt, Taxation, and Punishment are Transforming Restorative Aims in Criminal Justice.”

Martin is a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley for 2016 on leave from John Jay...

Race and Social Equity: A Nervous Area of Government

With standing-room only, students, faculty, and community members packed into the Evans School’s Remak Commons to hear Dr. Susan T. Gooden give a talk in the Evans School’s first research seminar of the 2016-17 school year.

Gooden’s talk was titled “Race and Social Equity: A Nervous Area of Government” after her recent book of the same title.

Gooden kicked off the seminar by reflecting on how the University of Washington has already shown a strong, institutional commitment to improving racial and social justice.

“I think you have...

A Sampling of Fellowship Awardees

Fellowships are a meaningful way for donors to support the future of public service, and many Evans School students rely on these financial awards to afford the top level education that the Evans School provides. In this edition of The Memo, we wanted to share snippits of the thank you messages students sent to generous donors who make these fellowships possible.

Christopher Drobnicki: Joan Goldblatt Endowed Fellowship

“As a recipient of the Joan Goldblatt Endowed Fellowship, I wanted you to know how appreciative I am of the financial...

Evans School Alumni Put Our Mission Into Motion

Amid the rhetoric of the 2016 presidential election, decision-making based on analytic rigor sometimes appears to be in short supply—and that’s where the Evans School’s mission to improve the quality of public service becomes critically important.

Through the tremendous local, national, and global impact of our alumni community, the Evans School is front and center when it comes to bringing evidence-based decisions into the sometimes turbulent waters of political decisions....

Our Vision for a New Parrington Hall

The Evans School’s learning experience is among the best in the world. We are the 4th ranked public affairs graduate school in the nation. Our alumni are employed in their fields of study at an astonishing 92 percent rate and are universally respected and sought after by leading organizations worldwide. Yet, something is now holding us back—Parrington Hall hasn’t been able to keep pace.

When our school first moved from Smith Hall into Parrington Hall, we had 100 students and 12 faculty members. Today, the Evans School is home to 500 students and boasts a...

What is the Worth of a Walk to Water?

How much is your travel or commuting time worth? The average American spends around four hours each week commuting to and from work. Given the current $13 minimum wage here in Seattle, that amounts to $52 a week in hourly wages.

But what if you weren’t just commuting to work, but instead traveling at least once a day to haul the water your family needs back to your home?

The Value of Travel Time or VTT is a rough calculation of how much monetary worth people put on their travel time. The calculation isn’t a new one in research – it has...

Bringing Equity to the Curriculum

Turn on any TV set. Open your Facebook account. Flip through any newspaper and you will see a national conversation about race relations, income inequality, and other equity issues.

It is an emotionally and politically charged time for our country, and Evans School Professors Sharon Kioko and Justin Marlowe are stepping up to the challenge in their continuing effort to best prepare the next generation of public service leaders.

Kioko and Marlowe are taking the lead in...

Together, For the Future of Public Service Celebrate With Us
Impact: Coast to Coast

When Justin Marlowe published a “Guide to Financial Literacy” in 2014 to serve as an extension of his bi-monthly columns in Governing magazine, the Endowed Professor of Public Finance and Civic Engagement at the Evans School of Public Policy & Governance harbored modest aims. He thought it might find an audience among state and local officials. But Marlowe and the magazine’s publisher, Mark Funkhouser, did not...