Impact: Coast to Coast

When Justin Marlowe published a “Guide to Financial Literacy” in 2014 to serve as an extension of his bi-monthly columns in Governing magazine, the Endowed Professor of Public Finance and Civic Engagement at the Evans School of Public Policy & Governance harbored modest aims. He thought it might find an audience among state and local officials. But Marlowe and the magazine’s publisher, Mark Funkhouser, did not...

The Evans School Fellowship Dinner

Please join us for a celebratory evening to support the future of public service leadership by raising funds for Evans School student scholarships, with keynote address by Christine Gregoire, Challenge Seattle CEO and Former Washington State Governor.

University of Washington W Unprecedented Accomplishments

The Evans School of Public Policy & Governance has built a reputation as one of the best public policy schools in the nation—and this year we are proving it again.

Our cohort of MPA students is larger than ever before and interest in the 2017 academic year is already higher than expected. Our Executive Master of Public Administration, the 18-month accelerated program for midcareer professionals, is at capacity. We have students...
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Professor David Suarez The Future of World Society Theory 2016

David Suarez hosted a conference called "The Future of World Society Theory" on August 19 at Parrington 108. The one-day conference was attended by 60 sociologists who presented papers and research topics based on world society theory.

World society theory emerged in the 1980s from a community of scholars linked to Stanford University. With the success of the perspective, and the continual diaspora of Stanford graduates, a new generation of world society scholars are emerging and flourishing in many parts...

Hire Student Consultants
Ben Brunjes Joins Faculty

The Evans School of Public Policy & Governance is pleased to announce Benjamin M. Brunjes’ appointment as assistant professor beginning in the 2016-2017 academic year. The addition of Brunjes, who received his Ph.D. in Public Administration from the University of Georgia, bolsters the Evans School’s ninth-ranked Public Leadership, Management, & Decision-Making specialty area.

Professor Brunjes possesses a wealth of professional experience that aligns with the Evans...

The Minimum Wage Study

The Minimum Wage Study is a research effort dedicated to providing rigorous analysis of the impact of minimum wage ordinances in metropolitan regions and states.  We seek to provide insights that will be useful for policymakers and scholars. As more states and localities move forward with plans to raise the minimum wage, this research will infuse the debate with data on the effects on workers, households, employers, and the local economy.  We focus our analysis on the impacts of recently passed ordinances in Seattle and Chicago, as well as other areas.


Tent City Impact: Homelessness

"Homelessness has been on the rise," said Professor Rachel Fyall in a recent interview with KTVU. "Over the past few years the homeless rates have been increasing in a disturbing fashion."

In fact, according to the One Night Count spot check on people without homes in Seattle, the increase from 2014 to 2016 was a troubling 44 percent.

Elected officials are trying different interventions to address the problem – from declaring a state of...