Certificate programs to bolster your skillset

The Evans School of Public Policy and Governance offers various graduate certificate programs to enhance areas of specialization for current University of Washington graduate students.

As new sectors and career trajectories emerge in our economy, it’s imperative to stay educated about new trends and maintain relevance across industries. Certificate programs are an excellent way for people who are looking to change careers, improve their current work status, or increase their earning potential to keep up with the trends in their existing or future fields. Certificates allow students to gain additional knowledge, work experience, and expertise, providing certificate candidates some distinction from their peers.

Evans School certificate programs help graduate students whose home department is outside of the Evans School gain valuable knowledge and improve technical skills in a shorter period of time, improve marketability, and can be cost-effective additions to expand the scope of your UW graduate degree program.

For UW Graduate Students

The Evans School offers two certificates for which all UW graduate students are eligible to apply. Each certificate includes required and elective coursework and a final portfolio and short analytic paper.

The International Development Policy and Management Certificate program (IDCP) offers students a foundation for addressing complex questions of poverty and development. The IDCP “transcriptable” certificate has been earned by 225 UW graduate students from 14 departments and Schools, and allows students to study current topics in international policy, management and economics in a disciplinarily diverse classroom.

The Nonprofit Management Certificate program (NMCP) gives you the tools and framework needed to meet the increasing challenges facing the nonprofit sector today.

For UW Ph.D. Students

The Ph.D. Concentration in Public Policy and Management offers University of Washington Ph.D. students in the social sciences and related applied fields an opportunity to broaden their backgrounds and credentials for the job market.