A part-time MPA for working professionals

You’ve reached a pivotal moment in your career when you want to elevate your abilities and do more to expand your reach and make a greater impact. It’s time to launch yourself on a path to bolder challenges with the Evans School Part-Time MPA program.

This program will guide you in becoming a knowledgeable and effective public sector leader with advanced management and communication skills who can properly manage policy development in all types of public sector organizations.

Students in the part-time MPA track complete the Evans School’s nationally ranked MPA degree program over three years. Students experience the same rigorous curriculum as the full-time MPA, with core and elective coursework bridging public policy and public management and many areas of expertise to study within. Late afternoon or evening sections (after 4:00 pm) are available to part-time track students for core courses and selected elective course offerings.

Please note that international students on F-1 and J-1 visas are not eligible for the part-time MPA program.

Part-Time MPA Coursework

The Part-Time MPA track at the Evans School is designed as a three-year timeline for students seeking a more work-compatible schedule. All MPA students, including Part-Time MPA students, engage in the Evans School core curriculum, a nine-course series that integrates rigorous training in policy and management theory with the practical application of those theories through real-world case studies from organizations across sectors, industries, and geographies. Our hybrid core curriculum emphasizes quantitative and analytic skill-building often found in masters programs specific to public policy, but also includes a management course series to ensure you are prepared to lead.

View degree requirements and course electives. Below is a sample schedule for Part-Time MPA students.

Part-Time MPA Sample Schedule

MPA Year One:   Core (24 credits)  

AUTUMN  PUBPOL 511: Managing Politics and the Policy Process  WINTER  PUBPOL 512: Managing Organizational Performance  SPRING  PUBPOL 528: Quantitative Analysis II 
  PUBPOL 522: Budgeting and Financial Analysis    PUBPOL 527: Quantitative Analysis I    PUBPOL 526: Program Evaluation 

MPA Year Two:   Core and Electives (24 credits) 

AUTUMN  PUBPOL 516: Economics for Policy Analysis and Management I  WINTER  PUBPOL 517: Economics for Policy Analysis and Management II  SPRING  PUBPOL 513: Policy Analysis 
  Elective course in selected area of specialization    Elective course in selected area of specialization    Elective course in selected area of specialization 

MPA Year Three:   Electives and Capstone (24 credits) 

AUTUMN  Values, Ethics & Equity Elective (can be completed during any quarter)  WINTER  Capstone Project  SPRING  Capstone Project 
  Elective course in selected area of specialization    Elective course in selected area of specialization    Elective course in selected area of specialization 

Full-Time vs. Part-Time MPA Overview

  Full-Time MPA  Part-Time MPA 
Length  2 years  3 years 
Courses Per Quarter  3 courses  2 courses 
Tuition  Annual  Fee-based 
Degree Requirements  72 total credits