The University of Washington's Daniel J. Evans School of Public Policy & Governance continues to be one of the most competitive graduate programs in public policy and governance, most recently ranked fifth in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. Utilizing a data-driven model and a collaborative learning process, the rigorous program covers a wide scope of specialties: from environmental, public, and social policy to nonprofit management, public finance administration, and public policy analysis. Students at the Evans School gain first-hand knowledge and instruction from our faculty, whose research focuses on real-world approaches. We provide decision-makers with the evidence for smarter, more efficient policy decisions. An Evans School MPA prepares students for success and leadership in a dynamic and complex world. 

  MPA Student Profile - Class of 2018
Total Applications 794  
  Enrolled Students 197  
  Average Age 26  
  Range of Ages 21-46  
  Students with 2+ Years of Work Experience 63%  
  Average GRE - Quant Range: 145-170; 
Average: 156 
  Average GRE - Verbal Range: 143-170; 
Average: 157   
  Average Undergrad GPA 3.60  
  Class Statistics
  Men 37%  
  Women 62%  
  Washington Residents 48%  
  Out-of-State Domestic Residents 39%  
  International Students 13%  
  Minority* 28%  
  Program Details
  Credits to complete program   72 quarter credits  
  Student organizations 14  
  MPA 2018 Employment Profile
  Employed 6 months after graduation


  Employed in Government, Social Enterprise, or Nonprofit Sectors 82%  
  Graduation Rate Information - Cohort Start: AY2013-14**
  Graduated in 2 Years


  Graduated in 3 Years 93%  
  Graduated in 4 Years 93%  

* Proportion of domestic students
** These figures represent a total of 153 students initially enrolled, excluding students enrolled in the PCMI and Part-Time program tracks, as well as concurrent degree students.