Undergrad @ Evans: Make Government Work for Everyone

Give your major a boost with any of the Evans School’s undergraduate courses. Our courses introduce you to the field of public policy and governance. You will learn how to design effective public policy in the context of human behavior, how to use scientific methods to make evidence-based decisions in the public sector, and how to implement good public policy in a complex networked environment with competing stakeholder interests. You can also develop the skills necessary to lead within complex organizations, as well as gain an understanding of the role of the nonprofit and social sectors in achieving public goals.

We offer a variety of classes for undergraduate students, including:

  • PUBPOL 201: Introduction to Public Policy & Governance
  • PUBPOL 301: Truth, Evidence, and Public Policy Analytics
  • PUBPOL 313: Evidence-Based Implementation: Making Change Happen
  • PUBPOL 355: Nonprofits, Philanthropy, and Social Innovation
  • PUBPOL 403: Professional Leadership
  • PUBPOL 499: Decision-making, Behavior, and Policy Design

Take one or take them all!

Undergraduate Courses

Questions? Contact Student Services at 206-543-4900 or evansuw@uw.edu.