Pathways to public service for undergraduate students.

In addition to our graduate programs, the Evans School is excited to support and inspire undergraduate students interested in the field of public policy and public service.

For University of Washington undergraduate students, across a wide range of undergraduate majors, the Evans School’s Minor in Public Policy offers a relevant and exciting introduction to the field of public policy and the diverse frameworks leaders use to address complex challenges and advance policy change.

In partnership with UW and national partners, the Evans School will provide new and exciting opportunities for undergraduates to find their pathway to public service. In 2021, join the Evans School for:

  • PPIA Public Service Weekend—a virtual event for underrepresented undergraduate students, from across the country, to engage in learning and professional development opportunities focused on public policy and exposure to future careers in public service.
  • Next Generation Service Initiative — NextGen — a partnership with The Volcker Alliance and UW Undergraduate Academic Affairs, to advance and promote opportunities for UW undergraduate students interested in public service and leadership. More information coming soon!