September 7, 2018

Adam Hayes and Tyler Scott (Ph.D. ’15) Publish New Paper

Evans School Ph.D. candidate Adam Hayes and Tyler Scott (Ph.D. ’15) published a paper in Policy Studies Journal titled “Multiple Network Analysis for Complex Governance Systems Using Surveys and Online Behavior.” This article compares two different methods for analyzing collaboration networks between organizations. It examines traditional, subjective methods of network measurement (survey) in comparison with objective measurement of internet hyperlinks and Twitter interactions between organizations. It finds a statistically significant correlation between the two methods’ analysis of network connections, indicating potential uses for multiplex measures in policy network analysis.

Adam Hayes is a Ph.D. candidate at the Evans School and was recently named a 2018 NASPAA Emerging Scholar. Tyler Scott is a 2015 graduate of the Evans School’s Ph.D. program and an assistant professor in the Department of Environmental Science & Policy at UC Davis. 

Congratulations, Adam and Tyler!