October 31, 2019

Alison Cullen Reappointed to EPA Science Advisory Board

Earlier this month, the U.S. EPA Administrator announced the reappointment of Interim Dean Alison Cullen to the EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB), where she will serve with experts from across the country in providing sound scientific data, analysis, and interpretation in support of environmental regulation.

“The Science Advisory Board is a critical source of expertise responsible for reviewing the scientific and technical underpinnings of environmental regulation for quality and relevance, as well as providing advice to the agency and Administrator more broadly” Interim Dean Cullen highlighted.

Administrator Wheeler named three new members and reappointed seven from academia who were all appointed originally by former Administrator McCarthy and President Barack Obama.  In addition, Syracuse University incumbent Peter Wilcoxen was granted a one-year extension to complete a research project.

“After an open and transparent public process, EPA has appointed or reappointed experts from a wide range of scientific disciplines who reflect the geographic diversity needed to ensure the SAB represents all ten EPA regions,” said EPA Administrator Wheeler.

The new and reappointed members who will begin three-year terms on EPA’s Science Advisory Board include:

  • Deborah Hall Bennett of the University of California, Davis
  • Joel Burken of Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • Janice Chambers of Mississippi State University
  • Alison Cullen of the University of Washington
  • Otto Doering of Purdue University
  • Joseph Gardella of the University at Buffalo
  • Margaret MacDonnell of Argonne National Laboratory
  • Clyde Martin of Texas Tech University
  • Mara Seeley of Massachusetts Department of Public Health
  • Carrie Vollmer-Sanders of The Nature Conservatory

Cullen is known internationally for her work related to environmental and human health policy, wildfire risk management and climate impacts. She has served on the Evans School faculty with distinction since 1994, was chosen to lead the Evans School as interim dean in September 2019 and holds adjunct professor appointments in the University of Washington’s School of Public Health and the College of the Environment.

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