October 23, 2019

Announcing the 2019 Evans School Alumni Award Winners!

Evans School Alumni make the world better in invaluable ways. By bringing passion, rigor, and kindness to their work in the public sector, these optimists make a lasting impact on communities across the globe.

Every year we celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of Evans School Alumni with the Evans School Distinguished and Young Alumni Awards to recognize outstanding leaders in our communities.

We are so pleased to announce this year’s award recipients for their commitment to driving the public good!

Tom Uniack (MPA ’02), Distinguished Alumni Award

Tom graduated from the Evans School in 2002 and serves as the is the Executive Director of Washington Wild, a statewide nonprofit organization that works to permanently preserve and protect wild lands and rivers across Washington State. Equipped with the skillset he gained at Evans, Tom has led numerous campaigns that have resulted in permanent protection for wilderness areas and wild and scenic rivers in Washington State. He led the efforts that successfully resulted in the passage of the Wild Sky Wilderness Act of 2003 as well as the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Additions of 2014. A passionate conservationist and advocate, Tom works tirelessly to protect and preserve our environment for future generations. 

Erin Hatheway (MPA ’13), Young Alumni Award

Erin graduated from the Evans School in 2013 and is currently the Deputy Director of A Way Home Washington, an innovative public-private partnership to end youth and young adult homelessness in Washington State. Using data-informed, performance-based, and equity-driven practices – with a special focus on eliminating the disproportionate experience of homelessness among youth of color and those who identify as LGBTQ – A Way Home Washington has an ambitious plan for Washington to be the first state in the country to not just manage youth homelessness, but to prevent and to end it, once and for all. Centered on serving vulnerable youth and young adults, Erin encourages collaboration amongst all key stakeholders to find solution to eliminate youth and young adult homelessness. 

Anthony Shoecraft (MPA ’09), Young Alumni Award

Anthony graduated from the Evans School in 2009 and is currently serving the City of Seattle as Special Advisor to the Mayor on Black Male Achievement to make a positive difference in the lives of young black males. As a catalyst and an organizer, he has led critical efforts to establish and implement systems to offer better and more inclusive support to young black men to improve life outcomes and help them reach their full potential. Anthony continues to give back to both the Evans School community and the community at large.

These incredible recipients were honored at the 2019 Evans School Fellowship Dinner, and we are so proud of their work! Congratulations, Tom, Anthony and Erin!