June 23, 2020

Evans School Faculty Awarded COVID-19 Economic Recovery Research Grants

The University of Washington Population Health Initiative announced the award of approximately $333,000 in COVID-19 economic recovery research grants to 18 different faculty-led teams, five of whom represent the Evans School of Public Policy & Governance.

In conjunction with fellow UW researchers, Professor Scott W. Allard and Doctoral Student Callie Freitag will document the economic impact of COVID-19 on the aging services sectors and disseminate an actionable report of best practices to mitigate disparities in access to essential services across the State. The study is titled “Economic Challenges and Emerging Practices for Providing Social Services and Healthcare to Diverse Older Adults in Washington State during the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

Assistant Professor Rachel Fyall will work with investigators at the Runstad Department of Real Estate and King County Department of Community and Human Services on a project titled, “An Analysis of Investments in Non-Congregate Emergency Shelter in King County during the COVID-19 Pandemic,” which seeks to understand the impact of this resource-intensive intervention to inform future strategic responses to homelessness in the County.

Through “Restart Washington Safely,” Dean Emeritus and Professor Sandra O. Archibald, Senior Lecturer Akhtar Badshah and partners have developed a broad collaboration among university, government, business, and non-profit sector partners which will develop and implement effective, science-based strategies to safely restart Washington State’s economy.

And, Professor Ann Bostrom will work with UW co-investigators and representatives from two transit unions on the project, “Health and Safety on the Road to Economic Recovery: Improving Outcomes for Transportation Workers and Riders,” to improve metrics of safety and health for transportation workers and the riding public, in turn promoting a healthier economic recovery.

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