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The Evans School’s IPPHL teaches public health leaders in Africa the skills of analysis, negotiation, leadership and persuasion to advance population health in an increasingly complex, resource-constrained environment.

Mid-career global public health professionals operate in a demanding and changing climate. They must initiate policies, hold healthcare providers accountable, and build partnerships across a vast array of communities and stakeholders. The International Program in Public Health Leadership (IPPHL) teaches participants the skills of analysis, leadership, communication, and persuasion that enable them to advance population health in this increasingly complex, resource-constrained environment.

IPPHL offers a strong focus on individual coaching and mentoring, peer sharing and learning, and the development of a community of practice to give participants access to a wider network helping them address the policy and program implementation challenges they face. The Evans School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Washington, in collaboration with the Center for Creative Leadership provide internationally recognized expertise in a variety of critical fields including: theory of organizational management and change, policy formation and negotiation, communication, and leadership. This is a non-degree, non-credit program. Please contact us with any questions.


  • Develop the leadership, problem-solving, and negotiation skills leaders need to drive change and advance public policy solutions
  • Discover the best available data on the causes, consequences, and solutions to global, population health concerns
  • Apply and analyze cutting-edge techniques to address complex public policy problems
  • Engage with public health leaders from around the world to share best practices and support their ongoing professional development
  • Learn innovative management frameworks and tools
  • Practice nation-level implementation of public health programs


  • Mid-career public health professional from Africa, working in government, for a government initiative/partner, or entity at the federal, regional, state, or provincial level
  • Responsible for managing public health program(s) with supervisory responsibilities, either individual staff or a team; Accountable for the performance of public health programs and/or for managing front-line health workers
  • Holds either an advanced degree related to public health, development, policy, or a medical professional
  • A citizen and resident of a country in Africa
  • Strong English-language skills, and the ability to articulate the various policy or program implementation challenges that they deal with in public health



  • April 7 – May 28 (8 weeks):  Preliminary Course Work and Skill-Building Online, Distance Learning Format including two hours of live course sessions per week
  • June 13 – 26 (2 weeks): In-Person Class Sessions, Mentoring, and Professional Networking, In-residence at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington, USA (all accommodation provided)
  • June 29 – September 3 (10 weeks): Post-Residency Enrichment Intersession, Distance Learning Format
  • September 4 – 9 (5 days): In-Person Class Sessions, Capstone Seminar, Kigali, Rwanda

There is no tuition or program fee for this program. IPPHL makes every effort to cover most direct costs associated with the program, including lodging and airfare for the two-week Seattle Residency and Capstone Seminar. Participants are responsible for covering certain costs, such as visa fees and internet, and will receive limited financial support for these expenses either during or after the completion of the program.

In light of the  COVID-19 pandemic, IPPHL  has paused  core programming for
2020. Cohort 4 will resume programming in 2021, and applications for Cohort
5 will open in November 2021.

Please be prepared to complete the following steps in the application to apply:

  • Complete the online application form
    • 3 short-answer questions limited to 1500 characters each on the following topics (please refer to application for full questions and expectations):
      • How you have used leadership and management skills in the past to affect change
      • A critical challenge you’re facing in your work and how IPPHL will help you address it
      • Your career goals and how IPPHL might further your career aspirations
  • Upload your resume or CV in PDF form.
  • Upload a Statement of Release from your employer in PDF form. This statement should come from an individual or department with the authority to relase you for time away from work for the two-week residency in June and the final seminar in September 2020.
  • Upload a Letter of Recommendation from your employer or supervisor PDF form. Your Letter of Recommendation should include:
    • Why IPPHL is a good opportunity for you
    • How your participation in the program will benefit the larger team and organization
    • A statement of willingness to participate in elements of the program that require survey input from your organization

To access the application, you will be prompted to sign in to a Google account. If you do not already have an account, you will be directed to create a free account before continuing to the application.  

Program Technology Requirements

If admitted, participants must have access to a reliable device such as a desktop computer or laptop. Live course sessions, which are roughly two hours per week during the Pre-Residency and one hour during the Post-Residency, require stable internet, a webcam, speakers, and microphone. We understand the quality and availability of internet is not always certain and that this may affect participation in some sessions.

U.S. Visa Requirements

To participate in the program, you must be eligible to recieve a J-1 U.S. visa and understand the two-year home country physical presence requirement set by the U.S. Department of State (DOS).


Inquiries about the International Program in Public Health Leadership may be sent to ipphl@uw.edu

Evans School Affiliated Faculty and Staff

Allan J. Calarco

Center for Creative Leadership, Global Solutions Faculty-Health Sector
Allan J. Calarco

Abigail Dunne-Moses

Center for Creative Leadership, Senior Faculty
Abigail Dunne-Moses

Sheona Sauna

Graduate Assistant, IPPHL
Sheona Sauna

Mary Kay Gugerty

Nancy Bell Evans Professor in Nonprofit Management
(206) 221-4599

Liz Steen

Program Assistant Director, IPPHL
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(206) 685-5238

Nadine Shaw

Program Director, IPPHL
(206) 616-0680