June 12, 2020

From Top to Bottom!

Before the concrete is poured, and the ceilings are completed, here’s a two sneak peeks at BIG improvements!  Below ground, new plumbing and systems will allow for increased efficiencies (getting us to LEED GOLD!) as well as for connection to the UW’s chilled water line, which means…air conditioning!  We are pleased that all five new classrooms in Parrington – as well as the entire fourth floor (PhD workspaces) – will be cooled, creating comfortable spaces to learn and teach.

Parrington Underground plumbing

And look up!  For the first time in its 120 year history, Parrington Hall has insulation!  What a difference this makes in the health and the feel of the building.  All walls throughout the building (not just the ceiling!) have both rigid and batt/foam insulation, which means double the temperature control and double the sound proofing.  The photo of the ceiling shows acoustic panels being installed as well, which will help tremendously to manage the sound within our signature third floor vaulted-ceiling classrooms!

Building insulation