If you are looking to hire someone with the skills and aptitude needed to conduct statistical analysis, dive into a complex research project, write clear and concise memos and reports, perform program evaluations, analyze financial information, and understand the political and economic factors that drive public policy and organizational management, we invite you to partner with us. Evans School MPA students and graduates are highly skilled and eager to contribute their talents. We invite employers to engage with us in the following ways:

Employer Webinars

Millennials are So Yesterday - Meet Gen Z!

free online webinar
Wed, March 7, 10:00-11:00 PST    register
Did you know that most Millennials have already graduated college? The majority of today's college students are part of Generation Z and they will soon constitute a significant part of the workforce. Join us to learn more about this emerging group so you can better understand how to attract, support, and retain them.

How to Start an Internship Program

free online webinar
Wed, March 28, 10:00-11:00 PST  register

Interested in starting an internship program but a little unsure about what all is involved? Thoughtful planning will help you create internships that are truly a win-win. In this webinar, we'll explore internship basics, identify key elements of a successful internship program, and discuss the nuts and bolts of intern hiring.

How to Be an Awesome Intern Manager

free online webinar
Wed, April 25, 10:00-11:00 PST     register
Employers who are thoughtful when designing internship programs and intentional in implementing them reap benefits in terms of intern engagement, productivity, and loyalty. Join us to learn about key elements of a high impact internship, reasons why each is important, and tangible ideas for building each into your internship program. The session will feature interns and managers sharing tips on how to create internships that make students feel valued, motivated, and committed to the organization.