May 4, 2023

JSI Scholar: Kamryn Pryce

Kamryn Price

Tell us about your story

My name is Kamryn Pryce and I am so excited to take part in the PPIA Junior Summer Institute this summer. I was born in Denver, Colorado, but moved to Baltimore, Maryland when I was younger. I have always been drawn to public policy and public service because I have a strong affinity for people, connection, and making a difference. I have been an athlete my entire life, but it was my time as a student athlete, here at UW, that helped me recognize just how far reaching public policy is. It is because of policy, like Title IX, that I get to play the sport that I love at one of the highest levels possible. The ways public policy has positively impacted my life inspired me to continue exploring the field. A career in public policy and public service is a direct way to connect my commitment to equity and accessibility to my strong passion for diversity and advocacy.

What path did you take when you first started college?

I have always wanted to major in Political Science, but as I continued on that path, I realized public policy was my passion because I knew I wanted to make a tangible difference, similar to the way it did in my life.

What made you consider a career in public policy/public service/international affairs?

A main thing that made me consider a career in public policy is that I have felt the positive effects of it firsthand. Along with this, my strong passion for social justice really drove me to further consider a career in public policy. Living in Baltimore during the height of Black Lives Matter protests, I saw how public policy can be so polarizing. Seeing this sparked my desire to continue exploring public policy and see how it can be used as a uniting force, rather than as a dividing one.

Who inspires you to think about public service?

My community at home inspires me to think about public service.

What are you most excited about the JSI program at UW?

I am most excited to be a part of a diverse group of students, who all share similar interests but come from different backgrounds. I am so excited to engage with and learn from one another, while also learning more about effective policy making and what goes into it.