June 28, 2024

JSI Scholar: Zia Meyers

  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Hometown: Denver, Colorado
  • College/University: Gonzaga University
  • Major: Sociology
  • Track: Residential

Tell us about your story

I’m from Denver, CO, and I moved to Spokane, WA three years ago to pursue my degree in Sociology from Gonzaga University. I love to be outside, read, and learn about the goings-on around the globe. I’m passionate about trying to make the world a better place and understanding why things happen the way they happen.

What path did you take when you first started college?

I was initially enrolled in a lot of political science classes and really enjoyed them. I was introduced to sociology by a mentor of mine, and since then have been eagerly taking every opportunity to explore how social structures shape our reality.

What made you consider a career in public policy/public service/international affairs?

I love thinking about the broader influences of structures on our system of government and our community building, and public policy seems to be a union of these things. I also appreciate public service as an integral part to community building which I consider a crucial step in promoting social justice and equity.

Who inspires you to think about public service?

My mom inspires me to think about public service.

What are you most excited about the JSI program at UW?

I am excited to better understand all the various influences that shape public policy while being immersed in a community of other learners who are also passionate this.