April 18, 2019

Meet the 2019 Evans School members of the Husky 100

Meet the newest Evans School members of the Husky 100Louie Tan Vital (MPA ’19) and Carter Osborne (MPA ’19)!

These two outstanding Evans School students know that education happens both inside and outside the classroom. Louie and Carter were selected based on their ability to embrace innovation and novel ways of thinking, to seek understanding of and engagement with diverse communities, to lead proactively, and to take on their bright futures with enthusiasm, savvy and fortitude.

Louie came to the Evans School determined to become a policy analyst and, eventually, a policymaker. Now, with new analytical skills and a thorough understanding of the policy process, she plans to carve a space for herself in between policy analysis and policy advocacy.

“Public administration as a field is guilty for codifying institutional racism in the United States, and it is my life’s mission to undo its harm,” Louie explained. “Using a race and equity lens at every step of the way, I want to change the narrative of what it means to be a public administrator and elected official.”

During his time at the Evans School, Carter committed himself to immediately applying the knowledge and skills gained in the classroom to his efforts advancing University of Washington mental health initiatives. Carter helped to bring together nearly 15 independent student groups to form the Student Mental Health Taskforce, which builds awareness and improves policies that address suicide prevention at the UW.”

“I’m optimistic when it comes to public service. I honestly believe that everyone has a public issue that they would commit themselves to, which is what suicide prevention is for me. I think my job is simply to help people find their issue and take action.”

The Husky 100 recognizes UW juniors, seniors and graduate students who are making the most of their Husky Experience, as demonstrated by the ways in which they fulfill the five program criteria. This year’s selection process was highly competitive, with more than 1,800 nominations and more than 600 applications from all three UW campuses.

Congratulations Louie and Carter!