For more than 50 years, the Evans School has attracted students who aspire to be successful and innovative public service leaders. Whether you want to work as an analyst at the Environmental Protection Agency, city manager in local government, or executive at a global health nonprofit, the Evans School is a great place to build your career.

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Why Choose the Evans School

Innovative Learning Environment

The nationally-ranked Evans School is strategically located in one of the most diverse and innovative public sector environments in the United States. Evans School students benefit from exposure to a wide array of perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds, all of which provide a powerful learning environment for those seeking to become analysts, managers, policymakers, and leaders in the public and nonprofit sectors.

Seattle: A Leader in Innovative Policy

The Evans School is located at the University of Washington Seattle, three miles north of downtown Seattle in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Seattle and Washington state have long stood out as leaders in high quality government and innovative policy solutions. Seattle also boasts one of the nation's strongest startup and nonprofit sectors, benefiting and partnering with such organizations as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, PATH, World Vision and others.

Proximity to this strong public sector environment strengthens opportunities for Evans School students to engage with players in the nonprofit and government sector, learn hands-on skills with experts and practitioners, and be exposed to best practices and industry-leading methods in public administration, management, and policy.

Diversity of Perspectives

The Evans School is committed to substantive inclusion and equity and continually works to increase our awareness and understanding of ourselves and the communities we serve. To effectively serve the public, we must be exposed to multiple perspectives including physical, cultural, intellectual, and economic diversity. We act on this commitment through our:

The Nation’s Leading Public Research University

As an Evans School student, your study of policy and management will be enhanced by the rich intellectual community and vast academic resources at the UW, which:

  • Offers more than 5,000 courses in 100 academic disciplines in 16 schools.
  • Is especially strong in the fields of international affairs, public health, and environmental science.
  • Receives more federal research funding than any other public university in the U.S.
  • Has one of the most innovative and well-integrated library information networks in the world, with over five million volumes of work and fast online access to millions of journals and articles.

Quality of Life

On top of all that, quality of life in Seattle is among the highest in the nation. Good coffee, mountain views, lakes, parks, bike lanes, farmers’ markets, walkability, a lively music scene, and community involvement in public affairs are only a few of the reasons why Seattle is a great place to spend two years of graduate school.

Professional Development

You want to be ready for the career transitions in your future. The skills you will learn through the MPA core curriculum and elective specializations will add to your skill set in meaningful ways. And the Evans School's alumni, staff, and faculty will help you extend the skills you learn in the classroom to the practitioner community. Together, we will help you cultivate professional networks, find new opportunities, and show employers how your goals align with theirs and how you can add value to their organizations. 

The Career Development Team

Evans School Career Development is in constant communication with employers to learn of job openings and promote the hiring of our Master of Public Administration (MPA), Executive MPA, and Ph.D. in Public Policy and Management students and alumni. Career Development seeks to empower students and alumni to advance in their careers and successfully navigate professional transitions over a lifetime. We do this by offering innovative career education workshops, helping students secure internships, administering an online career management system (EvansJobs), bringing diverse employers to campus, organizing a variety of networking events during the academic year, and connecting students to a network of more than 4,000 Evans School alumni worldwide. Our graduates are highly successful and go on to become public service leaders around the world.

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Integrated Internship and Capstone Experience

The Evans School curriculum emphasizes the importance of professional development by incorporating hands-on, applied learning. The Internship requirement ensures that Evans School students are connected with government agencies and nonprofit organizations to expand students' professional network and skillset. The Student Consulting Lab capstone experience ensures that students have experience applying their learning towards issues and challenges that are faced by the public and nonprofit sectors today. These capstone projects provide a solid professional portfolio and tangible value-added to the students' professional development.

Evans Alumni at Work

Evans School alumni work around the world as elected officials, public agency directors, advocates, researchers, and nonprofit executives. Our Alumni at Work series features interviews with alumni working for the following organizations:

As an Evans School Master of Public Administration (MPA), Executive MPA, or Ph.D. in Public Policy and Management student, you have access to a wide array of career management resources, including job and internship search resources and access to Career Development staff for one-on-one appointments.

Our Evans School Career Development office is in frequent communication with employers to learn of job openings and promote our Master of Public Administration (MPA), Executive MPA, and Ph.D. in Public Policy and Management students.

World-Class Faculty

Dedicated to both research and teaching, Evans School faculty members influence policy and management across a range of areas, from public transit in Seattle to agriculture in Tanzania. Evans School faculty are among the most productive of any public policy school in the country and they are engaged in a number of cutting edge policy projects and programs including:

Learn more about our faculty and their work.