Sebawit (Seba) Bishu

Assistant Professor

Bishu, S.G. & Heckler, N*. (2020). Women Municipal Managers Doing and Undoing Gender. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 31(3): 489-505.

Bishu, S.G., Sean, A. M., & Elias, N. R. (2020) Gender in Emergency Services: Foundations for Greater Equity in Professional Codes of Ethics, Public Integrity.

Kennedy, A*. and Bishu, S.G. (2020). This for That: EEOC Outcomes and Representative BureaucracyReview of Public Personnel Administration.

Bishu, S. G., & Headley, A. M. (2020). Equal Employment Opportunity: Women Administrators in Male-Dominated Roles. Public Administration Review, Public Administration Review, 80(6), 1063-1074.

Bishu, S.G. & Kennedy, A.* (2020). Facing the Giant: A Framework to Undo Sex-Based Discrimination in Academia.Public Administration Review, 80(6):1127-1132.

*Indicates that co-author is/was a graduate student

Editorial Board Member:

  1. Review of Public Personnel Administration (ROPPA), March 2019-Present.
  2. Public Integrity (PI), May 2021-Present.

Bishu, S.G., Sabharwal, M. & Reyes, R. Kaleidoscope Career of Women Public Managers: Explaining the “Opting-out” of Women Public Managers

Propheter, G. and Bishu, S. G. Representative Bureaucracy in Property Assessment Appeals Administration: A Group Level Analysis

Bishu, S.G. & Osei-Kojo, A*. A Gendered Interaction: Representative Bureaucracy and Public Health Service Delivery in Tanzania

Bishu, S.G. & McCandless, S. Tracing and Teaching Gender Across Core Public Affairs Curriculum

Bishu, S.G., Ganapati, E, Bear, J. & Villar M. E. To Comply or To Dismiss the Governor’s Orders: Gender Leadership Bias, Public Risk Perception and Protective Actions in Times of COVID-19 Pandemic

Bishu, S.G., Leading with the Self: How Public Leader’s Intersectional Identity of Race and Gender Shape Civilians’ Rule Following Behavior

*Indicates that co-author is/was a graduate student

Research Award (2021): Co-recipient of the School of Public Affairs (University of Colorado Denver) faculty excellence award for contributions in research.

Research Fellowship Award (AY 2021/22): Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Women and Public Policy Program (WAPPP)  

Service Award (2020): recipient of the School of Public Affairs (University of Colorado Denver)  faculty excellence award for contributions in service to the University

Research Fellowship Award (2018): Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management 40 for 40 fellowship for Outstanding Early Career Research Professionals