August 6, 2019

We Need Policy Change to Address Gun Violence

Dear Evans School Community,

Dayton, Ohio. El Paso, Texas. Gilroy, California. Three added to a growing list of communities around the world whose families have been subjected to terrible acts of violence and hatred. I extend my grief to the victims and their loved ones. The growing rate of these incidents is disturbing; and, we’ve been here too many times.

Despite the frequency of tragedy, we should not allow ourselves to become numb. We have heard from President Ana Mari Cauce, who in her own words has said, “While we again express condolences, “thoughts and prayers” are glaringly insufficient to answer the questions of why America, alone in the world, suffers from such rates of gun deaths and what we can do to put an end to them. ”

As a nation, we must come together in the name of public safety to address gun violence and, as President Cauce emphasizes, “the social contagion of racism, bigotry, and hatred.” We urge our legislators to reach across party lines to fund further research and enact policy changes that will ensure all people are safe and secure in their communities. 

I mourn for the victims in these three cities and for all those who have who have been harmed. In these difficult times, I am grateful to be part of the Evans School Community where, together, we are committed to creating a better future for all.  Let’s take care of each other.


Sandra Archibald