The Evans School has established concurrent degree programs with several other schools and colleges at the University of Washington to allow students to earn two degrees simultaneously. Each program has unique benefits that offer a chance to build an area of strong expertise with a solid foundation in public policy and administration.

Master of Public Administration (MPA) concurrent degree students must complete:

  • Evans School core courses (36 credits).
  • An approved values elective.
  • A capstone project in the Evans School, unless the other unit requires a master’s thesis. The thesis must contain a substantial policy/management component and an Evans School faculty member must be on the thesis committee.
  • An internship totaling 400 hours for a government, nonprofit, or private organization.
  • At least 72 total credits, of which 60 must be taken within the Evans School.

Students interested in pursuing a concurrent degree should contact the Evans School Student Services office at or 206.543.4900. Students can also develop an area of specialization while pursuing an Evans School MPA through their electives.