Environmental Policy Banner (Courtesy of Ed Suominen)

The Environmental Policy and Management specialization provides students with the opportunity to acquire the tools, methodologies, interdisciplinary perspectives, and substantive topical knowledge necessary to be successful analysts, managers, and leaders in public, nonprofit, and private organizations that cover a broad spectrum of environmental and natural resources issues.

Particular methodological strengths of the specialization are in policy analysis, environmental economics, the role of scientific knowledge in decision-making, and the design and management of governance systems. Topical areas vary from year to year but often include water resources, environmental risk and health, natural resources, air and water pollution, and climate and energy policy. PUBPOL 590 Environmental Policy Processes is the suggested base course, but is not required for taking the other, more specialized courses.

Many Evans School students interested in Environmental Policy and Management will choose to pursue the Environmental Policy Program Option, which outlines a specific set of required and recommended courses and provides students an opportunity to have Environmental Policy noted directly on their transcript.

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Sample courses in this specialization area include:

Master of Public Administration (MPA)