PUBPOL 608: Capstone Project Seminar

Meets the capstone project requirements as part of the Evans School MPA curriculum. Students work in a supportive seminar environment facilitated by peers and faculty to complete team-based capstone degree projects.

Current and Past Course Instructors

  • Erica Barnhart

    Director of the Nancy Bell Evans Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy;
    Associate Teaching Professor

  • Ann Bostrom

    Weyerhaeuser Endowed Professor in Environmental Policy

  • Carlos Cuevas

    Associate Teaching Professor

  • Alison C. Cullen

    Daniel J. Evans Endowed Professor of Environmental Policy

  • Joaquín Herranz Jr.

    Associate Professor

  • Sharon Kioko

    Associate Professor

  • Adrienne Quinn

    Associate Teaching Professor

  • Matt Steuerwalt

    Associate Teaching Professor

  • Craig W. Thomas

    Faculty Council Chair