November 8, 2022

Event Recap | Dean’s Forum on Race & Public Policy: Advancing Systems for Racial Equity: Possibilities and Perils of Decentralization

The Dean’s Forum series focuses on the intersection of race and public policy in support of the Evans School of Public Policy & Governance’s mission to host community conversations that inspire public leaders.

While advancing racial equity through public policy is an enduring and ever important mandate, there are no clear or easy pathways for this work. Decentralization is a reality of the American political system that poses both problems and possibilities for addressing the racialized nature of policy and its implementation. This panel considered critical questions about racially equitable policymaking and administration in the face of our decentralized institutions, and discussed instances of challenge and success and what motivates a deeper level of leadership at this important juncture in our national life.


Gordon Goodwin
Senior Director for Government Alliance on Race Equity
Race Forward

jamila michener

Dr. Jamila Michener
Associate Professor of Government and Public Policy
Cornell University


Victor Ray
F. Wendell Miller Associate Professor
University of Iowa

Dean Jodi Sandfort

Jodi Sandfort
University of Washington
Evans School of Public Policy & Governance