February 9, 2024

Event Recap | Dean’s Forum on Race & Public Policy: Data Informed Practices and Consumer Protections

The Dean’s Forum series focuses on the intersection of race and public policy in support of the Evans School of Public Policy & Governance’s mission to host community conversations that inspire public leaders.

On February 2, 2024, Dean Jodi Sandfort hosted a conversation with Dalié Jiménez, Claire Johnson Raba, and Raphaël Charron-Cheniér about navigating consumer debt and the difficulties faced by individuals, disproportionately affecting people from communities of color. Data-driven investigations are important to inform policies, interventions, and strategies that actively promote more equitable consumer protection. Federal and state laws that intervene in the market provide some basic protections but much of their impact hinges upon implementation. In this Dean’s Forum, the panelists discussed how policy, programs, and litigation play roles in trying to address the historic inequities in debt burden.

Event Panelists

Raphael Charron-Chenier

Raphaël Charron-Chénier
Associate Professor SST Justice and Social Inquiry
Arizona State University

Claire Johnson Raba

Claire Johnson Raba
Assistant Professor of Law
University of Illinois Chicago Law

Dalié Jiménez

Dalié Jiménez
Professor of Law
University of California Irvine
School of Law

Jodi Aug 2022

Jodi Sandfort
University of Washington
Evans School of Public Policy & Governance