THANK YOU for joining us to help launch the Campaign for the Evans School, our most transformative campaign to date. In doing so, you made sure the future of public service leadership is strong!

On October 25, more than 300 incredible supporters collectively raised more than $450,000 for Evans School student fellowships—bringing the total raised to date for the Evans School Campaign to $23 million. You are exceptional and the difference you will make in the lives of our students is transformational. 

Together, we are investing in the next generation of public servants—so that more public leaders will serve in the footsteps of James Bush, Brian Chung, Erin Kahn, Governor Dan and Nancy Evans, and the Honorable Norman B. Rice. Evans School student fellowships assure that all our future leaders have access to an exceptional education that prepares them to launch careers ready to serve the public good with integrity, intellectual acumen, and innovation.

Thank you. Together, we will advance the Evans School and the world.