Associate Professor
Ph.D., Princeton University, 2008
(206) 221-5237

Crystal Hall joined the Evans School faculty in 2008. She teaches courses on psychology for policy analysis, decision theory, and quantitative analysis.

While at Princeton University, her primary research focus was on decision making in the context of poverty. Specific topics in this research program include the structure of mental accounting among low-income populations, and how simple interventions relating to self-affirmation and identity can influence behavior. She also conducts field research exploring interventions at tax time to increase take-up of beneficial products and services, and work examining the preferences and search processes of housing subsidy recipients. Other previous research topics included the relationship between facial appearance and election outcomes, how the existence of extra information can impair judgment, and the exploration of an alternate method of implementing social judgment theory. She was previously a member of the interdisciplinary Fellowship of Woodrow Wilson Scholars.

In addition to her academic work, Hall has provided guidance to community organizations seeking to implement tools from psychology and behavioral economics into the design and delivery of their programs and services. She has worked with organizations in Central New Jersey and Philadelphia, and more recently with members of the Washington Asset Building Coalition. At a national level, she has consulted with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Administration for Children and Families.

Hall holds a Ph.D. and MA in Psychology from Princeton University. In addition, she holds a BS from Carnegie Mellon University in both decision science and policy and management.

Judgment and Decision Making
Social Psychology
Social Welfare Policy
Courses taught: