Ph.D. in Public Policy & Management

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The Evans School Ph.D. in Public Policy and Management prepares graduates for careers as faculty in university programs in public policy and management, and for research positions in the public and nonprofit sectors. Our Ph.D. program takes a rigorous, interdisciplinary perspective in its curriculum, integrating theoretical and methodological foundations of policy analysis and management. We enroll approximately five new Ph.D. students each year with the expectation that it will take four years to complete the degree.

We offer students:

  • An integrated program focused on preparation for research in both public policy analysis and management;
  • Access to competitive funding and research opportunities as part of the University of Washington, which receives more federal research dollars than any other public university and tuition and stipend assistance through fellowships and research and teaching assistantships at the Evans School and in other UW departments;
  • Mentoring from award-winning faculty who are groundbreaking leaders across a range of specializations and policy fields; 
  • Access to the Evans School’s research centers;
  • Studying in the vibrant city of Seattle in the Pacific Northwest, a focal point for innovation in information technology, global health, social entrepreneurship, philanthropy, environmental and urban growth management, and more;
  • The option to earn a Master of Science degree in Public Policy and Management after successful completion of the first two years of Ph.D. coursework, the first year qualifying exam, and the major area paper.

For more information, contact Evans School Student Services at or 206-543-4900.

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