About the Evans School

A Tradition of Leadership & Public Service

A great public university should train men and women to work on society's complex problem. This is who we are and what we do – using the world as our laboratory. 

Finding real solutions for real problems means thinking differently, collaborating across disciplines, and working at the intersection of study and practice. At the Evans School, we dive deep into the pressing public policy and governance issues of today and we orient our scholarship toward the emerging issues of tomorrow. Whether it is through evaluating the impact of a minimum wage increase, investigating the role of altruism in benefit-cost analysis, or making sure we “right-size” management and evaluating requirements for nonprofits, our impact is real.

Our Mission

  • We are committed to improving the quality of public and nonprofit service.
  • We educate leaders to meet societal challenges with compassion, vision, analytic rigor, and practicality.
  • We advance scholarship and ideas that strengthen public policy and management.
  • We are dedicated to serving local, national, and global communities and promoting thoughtful, civil, public deliberation.
  • We value integrity, respect, diversity, collaboration, and excellence in our own institution, in our graduates, and in the community.

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