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Solutions to society's greatest challenges require an interdisciplinary approach and broad and deep understanding of the many factors that shape and drive policy decisions.

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The Evans School Ph.D. program is a rigorous and rewarding educational experience for those who believe in the necessity of evidence-based, values-driven solutions.


With $10 million in external research funding, Evans School Ph.D. students and faculty are studying:

  • Effects of adopting higher minimum wages
  • Collaborative network governance of natural resources
  • Life cycle analyses of innovative energy solutions for climate change
  • Cognitive interviews and survey experiments to learn how high school students use federally mandated scorecards in their college choices


Evans School doctoral students acquire advanced skills to study policy problems, drawing on resources from across the University of Washington campus:


Our Ph.D. graduates are:

  • Social scientists, using cutting edge techniques to address some of the world's most challenging policy problems
  • Professors at top policy schools, educating the next generation of policy scholars and leaders

Information on Evans School Faculty

We enroll approximately five new Ph.D. students each year with the expectation that it will take four or five years to complete the degree. All admitted Ph.D. students will be provided with a funding offer at the time of admission. 

Students in other degree programs at UW may be interested in augmenting their degrees with our Ph.D. Concentration in Public Policy and Management.

Find out about the Ph.D. degree requirements, current Ph.D. students, and how to apply.

For more information, contact the Evans School Student Services office at or 206.543.4900.

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