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The Public Leadership, Management, and Decision-Making concentration prepares students to understand and manage their environment, take the initiative, and decide and act with integrity and care to effect change in a world of cooperating and competing people, institutions, and sectors. This approach equips individuals to lead from any position in society or organization. The interdisciplinary course of study draws from all of the disciplines represented in the Evans School and trains students in topics and skills ranging from individual leadership and decision-making to stakeholder engagement, collaborative partnerships, and performance management.

The concentration prepares students to:

  • Better understand personal values, characteristics, and goals including the normative foundations of leading;
  • Appreciate the wide array of leadership and management approaches and refine their leadership and management styles;
  • Understand the frames of judgment and skills needed to affect positive change in a wide array of settings and to transform cultures, organizations, and institutions through effective leading;
  • Understand the psychological and institutional realities of public leadership; and
  • Integrate management, analysis, and decision-making in a self-aware manner to think and act strategically.

Sample courses include:

Master of Public Administration (MPA)