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The Public Finance and Budgeting concentration is appropriate for students who are interested in how the allocation, control, and management of financial resources shape public policy and management. This area is intended to provide students with a foundation for positions in state and local budget offices, credit rating agencies, state and local performance auditing, legislative fiscal research, as well as within the financial management function of nonprofit organizations. Students interested in the financial aspects of a particular policy or service are encouraged to consider the area.

Coursework in this area focuses on the specialized analytic tools used by financial management professionals, stylized knowledge of resource allocation and control processes, and effective communication of this esoteric knowledge to the non-financial audience. Topics may include capital budgeting and finance; debt management; budget process, politics, and strategies; tax structures and their implications; financial risk management tools; advanced accounting and auditing; financing pensions and other post-employment benefits; cash management; financial condition analysis; debt management; project finance concepts; and cost allocation methods, among others.

Sample courses include:

Master of Public Administration (MPA)