Nonprofit leadership training that drives results

The Nonprofit Management Certificate program (NMCP) gives you the tools and framework needed to meet the increasing challenges facing the nonprofit sector today.


The program provides students with fundamental knowledge of the nonprofit sector through one core course and four elective courses:

  • PUBPOL 550 Managing Nonprofit and Philanthropic Organizations (4 credits).

This course is required of all NMCP students and is offered only during Autumn Quarter. PUBPOL 550 addresses management and policy challenges in nonprofit and philanthropic organizations, emphasizing the environment within which nonprofit work is performed, distinctive characteristics of nonprofits, legal requirements, cultural values, and leadership.

  • Four elective courses (totaling 12-16 credits) in management, leadership, or policy analysis, chosen from a list of approved electives that broaden the basic knowledge base for nonprofit management. At least two electives must be taken within the Evans School.
  • portfolio and short analytic paper developed by each student and due Spring Quarter, reflecting upon the key learning experiences of the program. The portfolio will typically consist of a set of papers completed through the NMCP courses, while the analytic paper will act as a reflective analytic summary of the portfolio, coursework, and student learning in the NMCP program.

Completion of the Nonprofit Management Certificate Program will be acknowledged on the student’s official UW transcript.

Students are encouraged to review the UW Graduate School policies on certificate programs.

Eligibility and Admissions

Only current UW graduate students are eligible to apply for this certificate. All students currently enrolled in graduate programs at any University of Washington campus with a minimum 3.0 GPA are welcome to apply. For most master’s degree students, the certificate coursework is taken across one academic year alongside coursework in their degree granting department; coursework may also be completed over multiple years. Ph.D. and other graduate students are welcome to complete the program over multiple years.

To apply for the NMCP program, please email the following materials (ideally as a single PDF) to

  1. A short letter of application introducing yourself, your academic program at UW, your background, areas of interest, professional and academic experience, future professional goals, and interest in the certificate program.
  2. A current resume listing both educational and professional experience.
  3. University of Washington transcript (unofficial is fine; minimum GPA 3.0).

For more information, contact

*Please note, the Nonprofit Management Certificate Program is primarily designed for UW graduate students outside of the Evans School. Evans School MPA students may apply for the Nonprofit Management Certificate Program, however, completion of both the MPA and certificate program will require 86 or more total credits (as no more than 6 credits can be shared between one’s degree program and certificate program). Evans School students are encouraged to consult with Student Services staff with any questions.