Evans School students and graduates share an urgent drive to create lasting change. They are prepared to address the most challenging public issues by designing and implementing sustainable solutions for profitable and healthy communities all over the world. 

The Evans School combines rigorous training in assessment, measurement, and evaluation with study of the art of public leadership so that students can develop versatile, forward-thinking, and effective solutions advancing the public interest across sectors.  

Our Programs

MPA Student speaking with employee outside of Seattle City Hall

Master of Public Administration

Full-time, two-year program comprised of eight nationally ranked areas of policy specialization are grounded in a broad-based and multidisciplinary management and analysis curriculum. Students bring an average of two and a half years of work experience to the program.

EMPA Students

Executive Master of Public Administration

The Executive MPA is an 18-month accelerated program with weekend classes designed to meet the challenges and time constraints of mid-career working professionals.

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Ph.D. in Public Policy & Management

Solutions to society’s greatest challenges require an interdisciplinary approach and broad and deep understanding of the many factors that shape and drive policy decisions. This research-driven doctoral program brings students from around the country, and world to to study policy problems, drawing on resources from across the University of Washington campus.

What Makes the Evans School Unique

Core Curriculum

Foundational, rigorous training in assessment, measurement, and evaluation combined with study of public leadership and management. 

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Issue Expertise

A depth of subject matter expertise in eight policy areas applies core curriculum skills and proficiencies to present-day policy issues. 

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Commitment to Equity

Centered in racial justice and equity in public administration and the communities that public servants support.

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Meet our Students

Namrata Kolla, MPA '19

“[As an intern with the City of Seattle’s Innovation and Performance team], I got to combine data analysis, performance evaluation, and design-thinking in amazing ways to help develop solutions for housing assistance, fire departments’ performance evaluation, parking tickets, organic waste, and youth economic opportunity. I learned so much not only technically, but also in understanding what the barriers are to truly innovating in the government space, why those barriers exist, and how to get around them.

“Since graduating, I’ve been able to build on those experiences as a user engagement and research analyst on the Skylight team at Vulcan, which provides technology to help combat illegal fishing and improve maritime security. Understanding the challenges of working in the public and nonprofit sector has helped me be better at onboarding users to our product, who are primarily public and nonprofit employees. Additionally, taking classes like Economics and Social Enterprises helps me better understand how a hybrid philanthropic organization like Vulcan can make an impact toward a highly fought-over common pool resource like the global oceans.”


David Rosen, MPA ’20

David came to the Evans School because, “I really love studying public policy because there’s something amazing about seeing the world around you not for what is, but what it can be. Public Policy enables us to change lives, there’s nothing more exciting than that.” As a student, David completed two internships in local government, working as the Standard Work Initiative Intern with King County Department of Executive Services and the Adopt-A-Street Intern with Seattle Public Utilities. As the culmination of his time at the Evans School, David’s capstone student consulting lab project had him working with a team to build a Residential Building Permit Forecast for the Kitsap County Office of Community Development.


Alaa Alshaibani, MPA ’21

In the two years between undergraduate graduation and starting at the Evans School, Alaa served as an academic advisor, worked as a state campaign manager, traveled in the United Arab Emirates, worked as a TRiO advisor at a high school, and volunteered with the YWCA of Pierce County and CAIR-WA. Alaa shared, “During the time away from school and getting involved more politically and within advocacy, I realized…there were systems and policies in place that inhibited [direct service professionals] from fully serving people. I chose Evans because beyond running for office someday, I also want to work in the public sector in order to serve others and I wanted to learn how to effectively do this.” While at Evans, Alaa is studying Public Leadership, Social Policy, Public Finance, and Non-Profit Management.