Evans School of Public Policy & Governance

Leadership Development for Social Impact

The Evans School’s continuing education programs are an invaluable opportunity for leaders at any stage of their career and from any sub-sector.

The Evans School offers an array of programs – many completed in one week or less – to give students the skills and knowledge necessary to advance the public good and achieve their full leadership potential. Each program is designed to put leadership for social impact in the context of the policies, systems, and organizations where you work.

The continuing education curriculum across our programs is grounded in the Evans School’s unique approach to evidence-informed decision making and provides practical, hands-on management skills, grounded in a leadership framework that is robust, yet flexible. Upon completion, students are prepared to manage complex power dynamics and effect meaningful change in their organizations and communities.

Students learn from Evans School faculty and industry-leading experts in organizational development, finance, evaluation, communications, HR, and, of course, management and leadership. Keeping in mind that leaders of social impact organizations have significant positional and, often, personal power, all programs address how to navigate power dynamics internally and externally, and how power relates to privilege, race, equity, and inclusion.


Professional Development Institutes