May 15, 2018

Dorothy Bullitt Honored for Outstanding Teaching

Evans School Distinguished Practitioner and Senior Lecturer Dorothy Bullitt was named a finalist for the 2018 Distinguished Teaching Award, given annually by the University of Washington. Dorothy was a finalist for this award previously in 2015, and has won the Evans School’s teaching award multiple times. As Distinguished Practitioner and Senior Lecturer at the Evans School, Dorothy brings her experience as an executive, a community leader, a public servant, and a civic volunteer to each class and student interaction. Her mastery of her subject is profound, as is her ability to inspire, guide, and mentor students. In the words of a former student, “Dorothy takes the subject of leadership, which is often seen as a talent that only some possess, and she shows students that it is a skill that everyone can develop. She does this by expertly weaving together cases, personal experiences, and theory.” Through innovative and engaging curricula, Dorothy peels back the classroom walls, encouraging students to learn from community leaders and to reconsider how they engage with their surrounding world, including pursing student government and other leadership roles on campus and beyond. After a decade of teaching, leadership, and mentorship at the Evans School, Dorothy plans to retire this June.